Fabrication capabilities

Mofet’s extensive experience in welding armor steel plate, which requires higher level of expertise than regular metal welding, provides us with the capability to serve the specialized needs of our defense industry clients.
Mofet has the capabilities of cutting composite material into various shapes and sizes, to accommodate our client’s needs. These capabilities are achieved by utilizing advanced water jet and laser cutting technologies.
The armored vehicles provide 360 degree protection by using a complete armor capsule to protect the entire vehicle cabin.

Mofet has years of accumulative experience in upgrading both armor solutions, and the know-how to utilizing upgrades which provide our customers with a highly survivable capsule needed in meeting the evolving challenges both on the battlefields and streets of our every changing world.

In consultation with our customers we jointly arrive at tailored solutions for their specific needs.

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Mofet-etzion mofet-etzion mofet-etzion
Water Jet Cutting Machine
waterjet waterjet
Laser Jet Cutting Machine
laserjet laserjet