IHMEE Mofet Armor Solution

Interim High Mobility Engineering Excavators The HMEE (and its Interim version the IHMEE) is a self-deployable excavation system due to replace the Small Emplacement Excavator (SEE), currently in the Army’s inventory. It performs such tasks as digging, lifting, loading and trenching operations and with attachments executes a wide range of mobility including, counter mobility, survivability, and general engineering missions.

These demands require the IHMEE to have armor that provides maximum protection without hampering its work capabilities. US Army forces operate in the full spectrum of environments and need a rapid excavator to keep up with today’s maneuver forces.

This is precisely what Mofet-Etzion has provided. Armor technology from Mofet for the IHMEE vehicle was incorporated from the beginning of its conceptualization and design.