M113 Armored Personnel Carrier

The M-113 family of vehicles (FOV) is probably the most common and popular armored personnel carrier (APC) with over 80,000 vehicles produced since the late 1960’s and in use in over 50 countries accommodating countless modifications developed by the host country. While some older M113 versions are being retired and removed from selected inventories, other FOV members are being upgraded, reconfigured and introduced as entirely new systems.

The M113 APC was the first modern “battle taxi.” It was developed to transport infantry forces on the mechanized battlefield. It is fitted with a 2 stroke six cylinder Detroit diesel providing power through a 3 speed automatic gearbox and steering differential. The main armament is a single .50 Cal heavy barrel machine gun, and the secondary armament is a single .30 Cal machine gun. The M113 is built of aircraft quality aluminum which allows it to possess some of the same strengths as does steel albeit at a much lighter weight. This distinct weight advantage allows the M113 to utilize a relatively small engine to power the vehicle, as well as carry a large payload cross-country. The vehicle is capable of “swimming” bodies of water.

The upgrade of the armor for these vehicles is extremely important considering the ever increasing hazardous threats of the modern battlefield. The LIBA armor provides the most advanced armor solution available. Adding LIBA pellets to the existing body allows for a new lease on life for this very versatile vehicle. This very impressive improvement in armor with a relatively light total weight and considerably improved survivability with its multi-hit and anti-vandalism properties allows the M113 to continue serving the troops without dimishing its performance.