Pandur Armored Vehicle

The Pandur armored vehicle was developed by Steyr-Daimler-Puch of Austria and is manufactured by GDLS. The Pandur II is available in 6×6 and 8×8 versions, is powered by a more powerful 355hp Cummins ISC 350 diesel engine and has an extended wheelbase and modified hull. LIBA is the armor of choice for the PANDUR as marketed to the U.S. Armed Forces by General Dynamics Land Systems. All variants use the same chassis configured in one of two basic models: “A” Model with an extended centre roof or “B” Model with a flat roof design. The various configurations include: Armored Personnel Carriers fitted with light and heavy machine-gun cupolas and turrets including the AV-30 and USMC Up gunned Weapon Station; Armored Fighting Vehicles and Reconnaissance Vehicles, including the MultiGun Turreted System mounting 25mm, 30mm or 35mm cannons; Combat Support Vehicles including 9Omm, anti-tank, and mortar systems; and Service Support Vehicles including ambulance, engineer, logistics and command and control vehicles.