Light armored vehicles

In an ever changing world, as threat levels evolve, we at Mofet continue our tradition of staying one step ahead and provide best and lightest solutions available for today and also for tomorrow.

At Mofet we leave nothing to chance.

Our vehicles will stand between you and life-threatening events.

When the going gets tuff we can give you the very best and you deserve nothing less.

We test and re-test until the vehicle is perfection in itself. Our most important job is to save lives, and the life we save may be yours.

Our state of the art armor solutions are the secret for providing the ultimate armored vehicle; lighter, stronger, and with high mobility.

We offer optimal ballistic resistance and unique underbody blast protection equal to the every escalating threats found in today’s dangerous world environment.

The demand for armored off-road vehicles continuously increases. Their versatility makes them the preferred choice of international organizations such as the UN as well as police and security forces in areas of unrest and crisis all over the world. A properly fitted, armored off-road vehicle is the ideal combination of high mobility – even under extreme topographic conditions or with a partially destroyed infrastructure – and safety from all potential dangers.All armored 4 x 4 off-road vehicles appear inconspicuous. They look  alike and perform along the standard version. And like all other 4 x 4s, they have excellent driving qualities and performance. Add quick delivery and you have a superb product for all-terrain protection.The  Land Rover was armored for both military and civilian use by Mofet Etzion. It survived multiple projectile impacts with no injuries to the occupants in more than one instance. LIBA armor saved many lives.

LIBA armor is far more adaptable and effective for all ballistic threats (NIJ and Stanag, etc.) than any other armor solution and the light weight LIBA pellets offer the additional advantage of having a minimal effect on engine and vehicle systems. Internal ceramic armor panels are placed in the body and cavity panels of the vehicle to provide maximum protection with minimum visibility. The ceramic armor can be installed on any backing material.

We supply armor kits for any and all vehicles according to threat levels dictated by the client.

HMMWV 4×4 Buses and Truck