Combat proven

Mofet Etzion is a proven leader in advanced composite ceramic armor technology. It has years of battlefield experience providing LIBA lightweight armor with its  life-saving protection on armored vehicles and personal body armor for the Israel Defense Forces, Israel Police Department and Border Guards, US Army and USMC, security and defense organizations around the world, private companies and civilians.

Mofet Etzion has armored hundreds of tracked and wheeled vehicles, civilian and military armored jeeps, armored helicopters, armored trucks, armored buses, armored ambulances and private armored cars and limousines that are in use in Israel, Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of these vehicles have been involved in terror attacks and have undergone battle field conditions, including improvised explosive devices (IED) and light and heavy weapon assaults by armored piercing projectiles and shell fragments. To date, in all of these incidents, no vehicles suffered penetrations to the armor or sustained any casualties.

Mofet Etzion’s ballistic armor technology has the best overall survivability available today, offering proven battlefield  protection for its crews and passengers. Years of technical proficiency and practical experience have shown repeatedly that LIBA is the most advanced and flexible solution for all armoring needs.

Below are a few of the recorded instances where LIBA armor saved lives:

This personal body armor vest panel was used in a fire fight in the Samaria Region during an operation against terrorists in Nablus in the summer of 2002. The soldier sustained only small bruises on his chest. Notice the multi-hit capability of the LIBA body armor. This armored jeep was involved in a fierce ambush and firefight against terrorists in Hebron suffering many casualties. After most of the army officers were killed or wounded, the head of security for the Jewish community in Hebron made a daring attempt at evacuating wounded fighters using a civilian LIBA armored patrol jeep (Land Rover). As can be seen, the jeep received more than a hundred hits of various calibers without any penetration.
In this photo you can see that the projectiles were not able to penetrate the surface layer of the LIBA armor.
This is a Stryker armored vehicle in use by the US Army in Iraq and Afghanistan. The LIBA armor is one of the main components protecting these vehicles and helping to save lives.