Multi hit capability:  This capability has become increasingly important on the modern battlefield. LIBA pellets outperform all other solutions. The LIBA can stop multiple hits from 7.62 AP rounds even when the distance between hits is only few millimeters.

Shown below is LIBA body armor that displays the multi hit capability.

Typical live fire testing prepares the product for production. Dr. Michael Cohen supervises all testing, ensuring that the end product exceeds customer expectation.
Shown in the picture below are typical impact areas on LIBA armor panels shot at with 0.30 cal M2AP rounds and 14.5 AP rounds;
Shown below is a test result which illustrates the multi hit on 25*30 cm panel;
mofet-etzion mofet-etzion
Light Weight: The LIBA pellet solution provides maximum protection with minimum weight. LIBA offers solutions previously considered unattainable in personal armor vests, vehicular armor and aeronautic armor protection.Anti-vandalism: The LIBA is guaranteed against vandalism (front face) for five years.  It is virtually indestructible in storage and handling. It will not break even when driven over by a tracked vehicle. The LIBA panel has an almost infinite shelf life and is always ready as an add-on or a stand alone armor solution. When we talk about LIBA a picture is worth a thousand words:
axe_being_tested jack_hammer_on_liba

Please note: The the axe did not have any effect on the panel and was even blunted by the impact!

Easy Armor Repair: The LIBA ballistic armor system is strong, resilient, and easy to maintain. Repairs can be done on the LIBA pellets under field conditions in any forward echelon repair facility and in most cases by the crew of the vehicle within minutes. After the armor is repaired, the LIBA is once again “GOOD TO GO” even if it experiences another hit in the same spot.In the testing done on 17 June 1999 at the world famous TNO Laboratories in Holland, LIBA was tested for multi impact and field repair. A 30 cm x 30 cm panel was shot 10 times with 7.62 x 51 AP with no penetration.  In order to demonstrate the edge effect, the panel was also shot at from a distance as near as 25mm from the edge of the panel. Field repairs were made and the repaired panel was shot at again, in exactly the same place. TNO report: “Shot number 2 was replaced with a new pellet. After this repair (5 minutes) the same point of impact was hit again. The second time the panel also stopped the bullet!”
Using the LIBA system, the tank or APC crew can make repairs in the field, utilizing simple tools like a trowel, hammer and a box cutting knife. Within minutes the vehicle will be rolling again, “GOOD TO GO” and fully protected. The surprising simplicity of field repair means that after only one hour of instruction, the crews can do their own repairs without bringing the vehicle back to a field maintenance center. No special technical skills are needed.


MOFET ETZION stands ready to conduct a one day training work-shop upon request. That explains why the LIBA is rapidly becoming the first choice of field commanders throughout the world, helping them to lead the way…with LIBA!

Test of 7.52mm AP, M61, 150gr. and 5.56mm ball, M855 Photo of tested panel including demonstration of repaired pellet
mofet-etzion mofet-etzion
Note the footnote at bottom right hand side Note that after shot no. 9 the pellet was replaced. It was shot at again (#15) without loss of ballistic performance