We employ teams of ballistic testing centers who have engineers with years of collective experience to test our armors, before we integrate it with our vehicles

In all we do, Mofet utilizes testing laboratories which maintain high standard of work ethic and provide a customer-friendly work environment. We encourage our customers to observe all testing

Comprehensive testing of the LIBA has consistently proven  the superiority of our product over any other prototype.

Here are Ballistic Resistance Tests performed on LIBA panels that demonstrate its durability against various threats:

Our underbody solution in actual testing. This test has revolutionized armor capsule concepts.

Extreme Cold Test  – 20mm FPS
Panel Before Testing Panel After Testing
14.5 AP Hot and Cold 7.62 x 54 API Hot and Cold
Combined Threats

Chesapeake testing – 20mm at 3600 FPS
Chesapeake testing – 20mm at 5000 FPS
Chesapeake testing – 20mm at 5000 FPS Variations
Chesapeake testing – 20mm FSP
Chesapeake testing – 14.5mm AP
Chesapeake testing – 7.62X54 API
TNO Prins Maurits Laboratory testing – APM2 30.06