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Mofet Etzion Ltd. sets the benchmark standards of performance for ballistic armor. The LIBA® Armor System has become the armor of choice in Threat Level IV and higher areas, stopping fragment penetration from IED (Improvised Explosive Devices), landmines and AP projectiles up to and including 35mm APDS. The LIBA® Pellets are vandal resistant, virtually indestructible during transport and under normal storage conditions, have an unlimited shelf life and carry a five-year front-face guarantee.

Brief History

Mofet Etzion was established in 1995. Our greatest asset is our intellectual property, the outcome of years of intensive research and development. These ideas, inventions and innovations have led Mofet to spearhead global armor R&D, and have propelled us into the forefront of the world’s ballistic armor market.

Leading Technology

Changing battlefield realities, including the use of armor piercing ammunition and lethal I.E.D devices, have challenged traditional military thinking as never before. Mofet has answered this challenge with a new concept pertaining to light vehicle armor: The LIBA PELLET solution – Light Improved Ballistic Armor. This armor can withstand armor piercing projectiles, is highly versatile, easy to repair under field conditions, and offers breakthrough multi-impact protection, thus introducing armor solutions that once again level the playing field.

The LIBA is far more than just another armor solution. The LIBA Pellet is a concept in and of itself. This technology, based on innovations that have previously been unknown in the world of armor, has galvanized the industry. Unheard of multi-hit protection, together with novel advanced ceramic compositions, The LIBA Pellet now offers the war-fighter a definitive edge in combat.

Ballistic Breakthrough

As a result of the ballistic armor breakthrough pioneered by Dr. Michael Cohen, world leaders, like General Dynamics and Oshkosh Defense, the Israeli Army and Police, as well as Ministries of Defense and armed forces around the world, use our technology to provide their war-fighters with the best possible personal body armor vests and vehicle armor protection.

Armor Solutions

In North America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, LIBA Personal Body Armor provides war-fighters the best protection available. Mofet has provided armor solutions for: The EFV (AAAV) (Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle) armored for the United States Marine Corps, The Pandur Armored Vehicle, The Stryker, VIP vehicle solutions, and many more. For that, LIBA is a major contender for the Objective Force (Future Combat Systems).

Our Valuable Team Members


Dr. Michael Cohen
Dr. Michael CohenPRESIDENT
Nizan Sela
Nizan Sela V.P. of Operation
Netanel Eitan
Netanel EitanV.P. of R&D
Yaacov Taube
Yaacov TaubeBusiness Development

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