Mofet has years of accumulative experience in continuously upgrading armor solutions and the know-how in utilizing them, which provide our customers with a highly survivable niche needed in meeting the evolving challenges both on the battlefields and the streets of our ever-changing world.

Fabrication Capabilities

Mofet Etzion has ballistic plate fabrication capabilities, which enable it to accommodate a wide range of needs and requirements. In addition to industrial laser machines and cutting machines, Mofet has developed the capabilities and expert skills in bending and manipulating ballistic metals. These capabilities provide the client with a complete fabrication solution, using ballistic, steel and metal fabrication, together with the most advanced computerized and industrial processes.


We use ballistic testing centers, with experienced engineers to test our armors before we integrate them with our vehicles. In all we do, Mofet utilizes testing laboratories which maintain the highest standards while providing a customer-friendly work environment. We encourage our customers to observe all the ballistic testing on our armor.

LIBA testing case: In the testing done on 17 June 1999 at the world famous TNO Laboratories in Holland, LIBA was tested for multi impact and field repair. A 30 cm x 30 cm panel was shot 10 times with 7.62 x 51 AP with no penetration. In order to demonstrate the edge effect, the panel was also shot from a distance as near as 25mm from the edge of the panel. Field repairs were made, and the repaired panel was shot at again, in exactly the same location. TNO reports: “Shot number 2 was replaced with a new pellet. After this repair (5 minutes) the same point of impact was hit again. The second time the panel also stopped the bullet!”

Comprehensive testing of the LIBA has consistently proven the superiority of our product over any other prototype.

Armored Vehicle Production

Mofet Etzion has the capabilities of full U.S production of complete vehicle armor kits, and can produce dozens of armor kits a day. This large U.S production capacity enables Mofet to meet any armor requirements of our clients, as well as provide complicated ballistic armor solutions and designs in a timely manner. Mofet’s manufacturing facilities include multifaceted assembly lines, allowing for efficient and flexible solutions of the highest quality.

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