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Mofet Etzion is a proven leader in advanced composite ceramic armor technology. It has years of battlefield experience, providing LIBA lightweight armor with its life-saving protection on armored vehicles and personal body armor to the Israel Defense Forces, Israel Police Department and Border Guards, US Army and USMC, security and defense organizations around the world, private companies and civilians.


Mofet Etzion’s greatest asset is its intellectual properties. It is through these patented intellectual properties that a relatively small and under-the-radar Israeli research and development company has been propelled into the forefront of the world’s ballistic market arena.

Mofet Etzion, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Cohen, is engaged in an ongoing program of R&D of all types of ceramic materials and their composites, including the exploration into technologies in various other disciplines as well as probably the most prolific and innovative ideas in ballistics in the world today. Some of the most exciting recent developments concerning ballistics, have employed light weight ceramics as well as innovative geometric shapes and structures, in order to defeat the ever-growing lethal threats of terrorism and protect war-fighters on the modern battlefield.

Combat Proven

Mofet Etzion has provide armor to hundreds of tracked and wheeled vehicles, civilian and military jeeps, helicopters, trucks, buses, ambulances and private cars and limousines that are in use in Israel, Afghanistan and Iraq. Many of these vehicles have participated in active combat and terror attacks and have undergone battlefield conditions, including improvised explosive devices (IED), light and heavy weapon assaults by armored piercing projectiles and shell fragments. To date, in all of these incidents, no vehicle suffered penetrations to the armor or sustained any casualties.

Mofet Etzion’s ballistic armor technology has the best overall record of survivability available today, offering proven battlefield protection for its crews and passengers. Years of technical proficiency, practical experience, and unyielding creativity have shown repeatedly that LIBA is the most advanced and flexible armor solution.


Multi Hit Capability: This capability has become increasingly important on the modern battlefield with LIBA pellets outperforming all other solutions. The LIBA can stop multiple hits from 7.62 AP rounds, even when the distance between hits is only a few millimeters.

Light Weight: The LIBA pellet solution provides maximum protection with minimum weight. LIBA offers solutions previously considered unattainable in personal armor vests, vehicular armor and aeronautic armor protection. It is virtually indestructible both in storage and handling. The LIBA panel has an almost infinite shelf life and as such can always be ready for use as an add-on or a stand-alone armor solution.

Easy Armor Repair: The LIBA ballistic armor system is strong, resilient, and easy to maintain. Repairs can be done on the LIBA pellets under field conditions, in any forward echelon repair facility and in most cases by the crew of the vehicle, within minutes. After the armor is repaired, the LIBA is once again “GOOD TO GO” even if it experiences another hit in the same spot.

Our technology

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